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This Packie Pick page was set up to allow greater access to the store's picks. Now, people who are hoping to get one of the latest Packie picks, but aren't able to make it to the store immediately or at all, are still able to. Simply buy the bottle and arrange for someone else to get it to you if needed. 

As for me, Jim, owner of The Packie, I have a passion for spirits, especially bourbon. I enjoy what I do and I take it seriously. I don’t buy barrels just to buy barrels. I do it with the intent to only pick barrels that I believe will appeal to my customers. Up to this point, it seems to be successful. A lot of glowing reviews about the picks thus far. In full transparency, my palate leans towards high rye, high proof, and a more robust pour. Meaning I look for a lot of depth, mouth coating heat, and generally a louder whiskey. With that being said, I don’t pick barrels alone: it’s a team event. I not only try to find people that have experience picking barrels, I also try to find people that are fans of the type of product being chosen, i.e., MGP rye fans. Lastly, my hope is all the effort that goes into the picks is expressed in the quality of the juice. Cheers!

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